Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feb. 28 VALUE: Form & Light

Students made sketchbook studies exploring value patterns and graphic positioning. Graphic imagery emphasizes the design and two-dimensional surface of a composition over the traditional development of three-dimensional space. There are many ways of doing this; we cropped objects and rendered shallow space. Bernardo Olivares' drawing (top) has a great design sense and balance. Notice how the cropped, oval shapes are positioned diagonally across the composition.  Furthermore, he has isolated the negative space into large and small shapes. Jay Vang's drawing (bottom) has also divided up the negative space. Note the closed square in the bottom left and the open square in the bottom right balanced with a large rectangle on top.  Particularly nice is the diagonal juxtaposition of the rectilinear forms in the bottom left against the circular form in the top right.

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