Thursday, March 17, 2011


Students completed two-point linear perspective drawings. Pat Chan's drawing (above) has not only succeeded with an ambitious window design but she has created a minimal pleasing arrangement of sculptural elements.
Emily Keelan's drawing exhibits some very inventive arrangements of standard shapes.  In particular the four pyramids supporting a fifth, the ramp-like pedestal on the left and the horizontally stretched diamond on the right.

The archway in Christine Argenio's drawing is not only imaginative it possesses a great flow as well.  Note the movement from the back support over to the front evolving into the inverted pyramid which functions like an arrow.  The space is further enhanced by the repetition of ellipses and spheres.

This was my last class with the M/W crew.  Thanks for all your hard work.  Marsha Connell will resume after Spring Break with Ink. Bring pen and nibs, brushes, found objects and of course India Ink.

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