Friday, March 18, 2011


Students finished midterm drawings and then we critiqued them. Mariah Clarks drawing (above) is a great example of the imaginative elements students added to the still life.  The tiles are from Mariah's imagination. This drawing exhibits a strong directional pull starting from the bottom right corner up to the center, left and then changing direction to the upper right due to the angle of the tiles.
Hernan Esquivel's drawing makes strong use of the categories of light most notably in the way his cast shadows ground the objects to the table top. Notice the way the background creates tension as if it were a large blade coming down on the still life.  Beautifully rendered values in the positive and negative areas.
Michelle Phillips drawing also exhibits keen observational skills of the categories of light.  Her placement of the still life does a good job of cropping and activating the negative areas.  The wood grain, although a little heavy handed, is a very good textural rendering and adds to the overall design.

REMEMBER: After Spring Break we will begin with India Ink studies.  Bring ink, pen and nibs, brushes, sticks & twigs, as well as found objects that look like they would make interesting marks by stamping, etc.  Some suggestions would be cork from a wine bottle, an old sponge, or piece of heavy fabric.

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