Friday, March 4, 2011

HOMEWORK #4: Under Your Sink

For this assignment your subject is to be the area "under your sink." Any sink area will do.  Pay close attention to the forms (size, placement), lighting conditions and value patterns. Before you begin, hand - tone your paper with vine charcoal and a paper towel (you may use compressed for a darker base tone but don't over do it). Follow the instructions from the in-class drawings: 1. start with a single value: white, light gray (paper tone), dark gray or black.  Place that value throughout composition. 2. Then apply the remaining values one at a time. 3. Check balance and rhythm. 4. Render the forms three dimensionally by employing the categories of light.  You may use value subjectively for greater design and dramatic effect. The drawing above illustrates this project beautifully.  One of its many strengths is the placement of the subject within the image area.  Notice that it is at a slight angle creating diagonals and triangles rather than straight on matching the shape of the paper. 18 x 24 in. drawing paper with charcoal and erasers.

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