Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/30 Ideal Solids

Last night we discussed drawing circles in perspective; called ellipses.  From there we discussed Ideal Solids: sphere, cone, cylinder, open cylinder and cube. These forms are standard geometric shapes found in most objects.  For instance a wine bottle is one long cylinder with a cone and an open cylinder stacked on top. After drawing the forms, we applied the Categories of Light; which are six different tonalities used to describe the way light strikes form.  The six tonalities are cast shadow, core shadow, shadow, light and high light. Drawing by Alan DeMarche.

Friday, August 27, 2010

8/27 Friday Class: Gesture and Contour Drawing

Friday's class began its investigations into Line with Gesture Drawings in the morning and Contour Drawings in the afternoon. For a full description of these two modes of drawing see the posts from 8/18 and 8/23.
This Gesture Drawing by Jasmine Gonzales exhibits great attention to the positive as well as negative areas of the composition. Note how the dark values recede setting up the situation for the light values within the objects to advance and establish the foreground.
Matthias Linford's Gesture Drawing also exhibits a good balance between positive and negative areas.  In addition, his use of cross-contour lines moving vertically as well as horizontally create a strong sense of volume around the gourds.
William Verdoni's drawing is an example of the Contour technique.  Note the attention to details and textural elements combined with the accented line.
Theresa Vernon's drawing is also a study in Contour.  Her line style is bold and confident. Note the repetition of the hand plane from various angles and positions.  This aids in moving the viewer's eye around the composition. 
In conclusion, the thing to notice in all the examples above is that Gesture drawings are quick and spontaneous while Contour drawings are slow and deliberate.  Both are equally important in building strong eye-hand coordination.

8/25 Bone Studies

Wednesday Night's class focused on applying some of the concepts addressed with the Gesture and Contour Drawings towards longer studies.  The class worked from bones.  The goal was to address the contours of the bones as well as the negative space within and around the bones.

This drawing by Eduardo Barrera exhibits a strong sense of mass with heavy accenting in the negative areas.
La Lovan's drawing also has a strong sense of mass while exhibiting bold contours and a sense of light and texture achieved by employing reductive drawing with the eraser.
Travis Gilbert's drawing is a good example of tonal drawing with nearly a complete absence of line.  Edges are created by juxtaposing lighter tonalities against darker tones.
Taylor Bihn's drawing is a great example of line and tone working together.  Note the thick and thin swelling of the line combined with a subtle use of gradations.
The beauty of Adam Bollman's drawing lies within his composition.  Note the way the bone is cropped, dividing the negative space.  This drawing exhibits a very good balance between positive and negative areas.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Contour Line Drawing assignment should be completed on 18 x 24 in. drawing paper (not newsprint) using a soft pencil (3B -6B). Choose a complex subject that will fill the page such as a tool, bicycle, engine, car, houseplant, etc.)  If a single object will not fill the page you may use multiple objects similar to the in-class project.  Pay attention to composition.  Remember objects may be more interesting cropped rather than revealing the entire shape.  Employ accenting and line weight variations. In the drawing above, note the accenting specifically around the edges of the chair and flower petals. 


Last night the M/W class worked on Contour Line Drawings.  The Contour method utilizes a slow, single, incisive line that defines the exterior contours (edges & outlines) as well as interior contours (details, planes & overlapping forms).  When the line quality is the same throughout, the line is addressing shape relationships.  In other words, connecting the parts to make the whole.  When accenting is employed, the line may describe changes in plane, weight, color, texture and value.Here are four examples from  last night's class. Drawings by (from top to bottom): Autumn La Rue, Eduardo Barrera, Leah Erickson and Taylor Bihn.

Monday, August 23, 2010

8/20 Friday Introductions

First day for the Friday Art 7A section.  Again with the syllabus and materials.  Next class will focus on line with explorations of Gesture and Contour Drawing. Check out the post from 6/18 for a sneak peek of what's to come with regards to Gesture Drawing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

6/18 Gesture

The M/W class began its investigations of Line with Gesture Drawing.  Gesture is the all encompassing, quick and spontaneous rendering of the artist's subject.  Gesture drawings are NOT about capturing realism and details.  Gesture drawings should exhibit energy through rephrasing edges and contours  multiple times and drawing the forms as though they were transparent.  We discussed the four primary gestural techniques of Line Gesture, Mass Gesture, Scribble Gesture and Mass and Line Gestures combined.
First we began with Cross-Contour drawings to create a sense of volume with a limited amount of information.  Notice the absence of outside contours as well as the accenting in the line (dark to light transitions) to suggest weight and a shadow side.

Next we made Continuous Line Drawings.  These drawings should consist of one, single, long, continuous line from start to finish.  It is a searching line that records the path of the eyes of the artist.

Then we made Scribble Gesture Drawings.  These drawings should capture a sense of volume through overlapping, scribbled lines that suggest weight and possibly a sense of light. Drawings by Autumn La Rue, Dillon Cimino and Allen Girion respectively.
We concluded the evening with Mass and Line combinations. These drawings should address structure through line while producing weight and light through mass. Drawing by Jesus Neri-Martinez.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/16 Back to School

Welcome back everyone.  Last night was opening night for the M/W drawing class.  We went through the usual routine of covering syllabus and materials.  On Wed. we will start our investigations of Line beginning with Gesture Drawing.