Friday, February 25, 2011

Thurs. Feb. 24 VALUE: Emphasizing Light

As mentioned in previous class discussions, when addressing value, artists may emphasize light over volume. In order to do this, you must use a drawing technique that contradicts the cross contours of any given object.  Andrew Robles (top) has chosen the scribble gesture technique.  His use of the technique has created a surreal drawing that appears to be a wet, dripping, tangle of lines.  Note how he has separated foreground, mid-ground, and background by employing atmospheric perspective. Krishna Chaitanya (middle)  has also employed the scribble gesture technique but with very different results. He has created a very heavy, tough and dirty drawing.  As one student said, "He feels like Krishna's drawing is going to kick his butt."  The large cylinder in the center is very confrontational, appearing as though it will give you a wollup. Rose Antaki (bottom) has gone with the single directional hatch in diagonal orientation. She has produced a very clear and intense rendering of the forms and their values. This drawing has a great rhythm that moves the "eye" throughout the composition.

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