Friday, March 4, 2011

Mar. 3 VALUE: Four Divisions of Value cont.

Thursday night students made another series of drawings on hand-toned paper addressing value patterns. Giselle Chavez's drawing (top) beautifully illustrates the rhythms established by paying close attention to the placement of like values throughout the composition. Notice how your "eye" travels from one white shape to the next. In addition, your "eye" is drawn to the patterned areas and finally up to the chipped shape in the upper right hand corner -- very inventive use of negative areas.
Russell Wallace's drawing (bottom) exhibits a tight arrangement of positive and negative shapes and forms. Note the balance between the clustering of small shapes on the left against the larger shapes on the right. Furthermore, he has added to the balance of the small shapes a dark negative area whereas as the right side has the large white area.

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