Saturday, February 28, 2015

VALUE: Texture and Mood

On Friday the class made value drawings addressing texture, mood and volume. In addition to addressing the local values discussed in last week's lessons, students applied individual textures to the objects and the space. You's drawing exhibits a keen observation of the categories of light. In addition, there is a skilled handling of the materials capturing the many surface variations without overwhelming or flattening the volumes.
You Nara

Ever Arango Lopez
Ever's drawing is rich in contrasting values as well as texture. The objects and the space possess individual textures yet remain unified within the whole composition. His attention to the details of the gas can capture the character of the object while establishing a pleasing use of repetition.
Dorothy Fast

Rainey Hoaglin
Dorothy and Rainey's drawings are from the afternoon session. Dorothy's employment of high key values produces a tight grouping of the objects where the forms are defined by texture rather than value. The dark background in stark contrast to the objects establishes a strong separation of foreground and background. Rainey's drawing illustrates a very theatric and dreamy lighting condition. The objects appear to be illuminated from within. Her use of the vignette controls the light and the ghostly, incompleteness of the forms evokes a sense of the paranormal.

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