Saturday, February 7, 2015


Yesterday class began with a discussion on Proportions and "sighting" (see previous post and menu above for more info). We also talked about emphasizing and engaging with the negative space by employing cropping. Observe in Kyle's drawing below how cropping the bottles and shadows has isolated areas of the negative space dividing the background into four individual shapes.
The class then made drawings searching for the ideal solids within more complex shapes. Celindrea's drawing above is a cropped view of a mixer. Again the cropping helps divide and activate the negative space. She has also addressed the negative space with some tone which emphasizes the stand of the mixer while forcing the background to recede. Her preliminary marks are still visible with the base of the stand.

After the lunch break we discussed Linear Perspective (see menu above for more info). The class made drawings of blocks in one-point and two-point perspective. We ended the day with a free-hand drawing of a still life of blocks. The students were armed with the knowledge of the rules of linear perspective and eye level, proportions and sighting. Celindrea's drawing above is a well balanced composition with strong attention to the relationship between the positive and negative areas. The lighting is powerful and the textures are rich. The texture of the background is particulary inventive. Kai's drawing exhibits a more somber mood and an approach that is more suggestive of the forms. The positive and negative areas are very unified as if the blocks are emerging from fog or smoke.

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