Saturday, February 21, 2015

VALUE: Local Value

Kyle Freyermuth

Veronica Argentieri
Friday morning the class made drawings addressing the local values and categories of light observed on white objects. Kyle's drawing has a strong sense of narrative and atmosphere. His rendering of the negative areas with whispy, streaked marks suggests moonlit clouds looming over a damp, creaking boat harbor. The mark-making applied to the objects has almost a wood grain texture as well as modeling the volumes. Even the tilt adds to the story.
Veronica has keenly observed the light and dark value patterns on the objects. She has very skillfully applied additive and reductive techniques to address the light and volumes of the still life. In addition, the negative space and cast shadow are very similar to one another adding atmosphere and balance to the composition.
Jose Auraz

You Nara
In the afternoon we increased the still life to one light object, one medium value and one dark. Jose's drawing exhibits a good balance of light and modeling on the objects. He has skillfully arranged the accents within the objects to relate to the accents in the space. The darker values applied to the background add depth and allow the objects to stand out.
You has created some very beautiful value patterns most notably within the iron. The dark values applied to the iron outline the pepper shaker allowing it to stand out. The cast shadows assist in moving the "eye" around the composition and work well with the background.

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