Thursday, February 12, 2015

VALUE: Curvilinear vs. Rectilinear Forms

Last night the class made drawings from totems of white objects. The objective was to render the values observed in the still life as accurately as possible. Allyssa has keenly observed the limited tonal range of high key values. She has skillfully defined all of the contours without line instead focusing her attention to the juxtaposition of light and dark values in order to create edges.
Allyssa Nunnemaker
 Jack has added a touch of subjectivity to his drawing. The glowing edges and increased contrast in the values strengthen the graphic nature of the image. The light is bold and strong. His attention to the negative space and use of omission effectively unifies the positive and negative areas.
Jack Brady
 Techi has equally relied on objective observations enhanced with subjective "touch-ups" for contrast and design most notably in the negative space. The values are effectively rendered addressing light as well as volume. The dark plumes in the negative space allow the lighter contours of the bottle to stand out without the need for line while providing a sense of atmosphere.
Techi Brant

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