Tuesday, February 10, 2015

VALUE: Subjective use of value

Last night we began our investigation of Value, the gradations between light and dark. The drawings we made used value subjectively. Placement was determined by the demands of the design in order to achieve the best compositional balance. The objective was to create a design that used a minimum of (10) values and explored various applications. Daniel has effectively used value and shape to create a dark and menacing image of bat shaped gaps and squirming worm-like forms. The dark tonal range adds to the nightmarish mood.
Stanton has also a employed a low key (dark) value range. Again the values are very complementary to the ogling eyes and the monstrous, looming form. The cropped image makes for a very confrontational encounter where the spider-like creature is about to pounce on its prey.
Daniel Orjuela Beltran

Stanton Williams

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