Tuesday, February 23, 2016

VALUE: Subjective

Last night we discussed the art element Value. Value refers to the gradations between light and dark. Value may be used to address light and volume but it may also enhance the dramatic effects of an image too. The project last night was to use value subjectively. That is to use value according to the demands of design rather than placing values based on factual representation. Every student started by employing "automatic" drawing. This is a surrealist approach where the artist draws intuitively without any preconceived idea of what the end result will be.
Chrysta Maguire
 Chrysta's drawing is reminiscent of an deep under water carnival of flashing lights and sea life. Notice how she has used similarity to create rhythms throughout the composition.
John Larroque

John has employed very bold, flat tonalities complemented with bold contours. The values are clean and crisp interlocking together like the pieces of a puzzle.

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