Saturday, February 6, 2016

PROPORTION: Gesture Review and Sighting

Apollonio Fontanilla

Logan Willbanks
Ray A
Class began with gesture warm-ups. Apollonio's drawing (top) illustrates the spontaneous and transparent rendering of an old boot addressing the structure through line and the shadows and negative areas with broad, sweeping tonalities. Logan's drawing below it is a illustrates the wrapping and repeating lines capturing the structure of an old shoe. Ray's drawing of an old boot illustrates the contours, mass and light.
The rest of the day was dedicated to rendering accurate or at least "believable" proportions. Students employed the technique of "sighting" (measuring and comparing the parts of an object). Take note of the ideal solids within the drawings below . 
Devon St. Marie-Rubin
 Devon began this drawing by establishing the cylinder and then adding the bell-like form.
Lyric Croxford
 Lyric's drawing has identified a spherical form. In addition, her attention to the negative space skillfully accentuates the form of the vase while providing a sense of atmosphere.

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