Thursday, February 4, 2016

PROPORTION: Seeing Ideal Forms within Complex Objects

Last night began with a series of gesture drawings of old shoes. In general, shoes are an ideal subject for contour as well as gesture drawings. Sneakers, or lace up shoes, are better than pumps because of the detailed stitching and combination of pieces.
Gretta Collaso
After the gesture warm-ups we discussed finding proportions and "sighting," the technique of measuring and comparing the parts of an object. We also made one of these drawings by emphasizing and using the negative space to find the edge of a second bottle (cropped). The objective was to engage with 2-3 sides of the image frame. (Note the structure of the bottle and location of the ellipses).

We ended the evening with a series of drawings exploring proportion while trying to locate the Ideal Solids within the structure of the form. Remember that "believability" is more important than absolute perfect proportion.
Elijah Schwarz
Elijah's drawing above exhibits the proper vertical orientation of the paper for a vertical subject. Second the drawing is well proportioned to the size of the paper (i.e. not so big it goes off the page and not too small). And thirdly, he has used an axis line to aid in establishing the symmetry of the form. Ellipses are located where the various pieces join as well as in areas to strengthen the volume by illustrating the cross-contours.

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