Monday, February 29, 2016

VALUE: Distal Cues and Subjective Use of Value

Linda Fleming

Priyesh Shrestha
Last Friday morning began with a discussion on the Distal Cues (see info above). Linda's drawing, top, illustrates overlapping forms, cropped to engage with the edges of the composition and rich values addressing the cross-contours and light.
Priyesh's drawing illustrates a low-key value range as opposed to Linda's high-key values. Again, the forms are overlapping and engaging with all four sides of the composition strengthening the negative areas.
Beni Rodriguez

Devon Ste. Marie-Rubin
In the afternoon, we discussed the various applications of the element Value. The project was to use value subjectively. Beni's dynamic composition is rich in value with advancing lights and receding darks. Notice how he has accented some of the darkest elements with a white line along the contours.
In contrast, Devon's drawing is very fluid, like viewing a rolling landscape on an afternoon drive. The values are well balanced and complimentary to the rhythms of the shapes. In addition, some of the tonalities are combined with a short hatch adding an increased textural element.

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