Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mon. Feb. 7 PROPORTIONS: Planar Analysis and Organizing Lines

Brian Vance's drawing above illustrates the properties of Organizing Lines and Planar Structure.  Both approaches add volume and structure which leads to greater three dimensionality and proportional accuracy respectively.  Organizational lines provide a scaffolding like system of lines that encloses and unites the positive and negative areas. It is essential in relating the proportions of one object to another and accurately capturing the distance between objects.  The planar lines above are the repeating verticals.  Identifying the planes is most beneficial when applying tonalities.  Combined with the categories of light, the planar compartments dictate how gradations of light to dark should be applied.
Martin Gilbertson's drawing is an excellent example of the Organizational Line technique. Note how the lines create boxes or compartments that isolate positive and negative areas (at base of lantern). He has also initiated the drawing with a central axis line then moving to the edges as well as referring to the Ideal Solids most notably evident with the implied sphere inside the glass.

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