Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tues. and Wed. Feb. 8 & 9 VALUE STUDIES

Students made continuous line drawings based on Cubist Ideals of fragmented and fractured space.  The forms the images took were one of three possibilities: portrait, landscape or abstract design. Giselle Chavez's drawing above would fall under the abstract design category. This drawing is unfinished at the time of photo but note the rhythm established by the placement of the black values.  Also worthy of note, is the reductive work on the left curl and in the central flower/ bow shape.
Clearly Mariah Clark's drawing is a portrait albeit distorted.  This is an extremely dynamic and animated piece. She has made excellent use of angular shapes juxtaposed with more fluid like forms.  There is a sense of the negative space pushing in on the face like the hands of an unforeseen figure pawing and smearing the features. The accenting with the eraser against the line work is especially well done.
 Kristin Rimal's drawing has a great sense of movement while exhibiting strong use of pattern elements. Note how the wavy lines add a fluid quality to the image.  This also creates the illusion of transparency.  As mentioned the drawing is rich with patterns that bring visual interest.  The thing to remember about patterns is that they essentially read as "grays".
The beauty in Hong Lin's drawing lies within her use of repetition. Notice how your "eye" is lead throughout the profile by all the repeating circular shapes.  Placing the eyes at a diagonal also helps push the viewer's attention across the profile image. This is a very interesting image with many points of interest and the allusion of being the portrait of a bejewelled princess.

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  1. Wow Mariah! Such talent!!! I used to draw; your drawing makes me realize how much I miss it. What an intense expression....
    Debbie B.