Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/27 Two from Tuesday

Here are two drawings from the T/Th class.  (Above) Stan Mishanetz has approached this drawing with distortion and a surrealist/ outsider sensibility.  The drawing has broken away from straight forward linear perspective and in effect has created a more dynamic and intriguing composition.  The space is basically broken down into three sections. 1. A large ground plane. 2. A medium sized shape on the left. 3. The busy compartmentalized shape of the lockers on the right.
(Below) James Conrad has also taken some liberties with his rendering of the space at Analy Hall.  By arcing his converging lines, he has created a push back into the hall that creates a rolling sensation.  It makes for a more animated sense of the space, as if we were moving through it.  He has employed atmospheric perspective by giving more clarity and richness to the lines and tonalities of the objects in the foreground while lessening the intensity and allowing the shapes to fade as they recede into space.  Both of these drawings are perfect examples of "Making Something Out of Nothing".  In other words, their drawings are infinitely more interesting than the actual space they reference.

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