Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4/26 and 4/27 Atmospheric Perspective

Atmospheric Perspective takes into consideration the atmospheric conditions when rendering deep space.  There is more to rendering the atmosphere than just fog, smog, or rain.  Even clean, clear air has an effect on the way we observe space.   The concept of Atmospheric Perspective divides a space into three levels: 1. foreground 2. middle ground 3. background.  Objects in the foreground have sharper details and textures, richer values and brilliant colors.  As objects recede into a space details and textures diminish while values and colors lose their intensity.
The drawing above by Alan DeMarche uses a combination of concepts. The space is rendered in One-Point Linear Perspective.  He also uses the element of atmospheric perspective that diminishes details as they recede into space. The use of dark values also aids in pushing the space back as the lighter values in the foreground advance.

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