Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/14 Drawing in Color

Drawings from T/Th class. This drawing by Ashley Duncan exhibits rich colors and textures achieved by slowly building up the values and colors through layering and using multiple colored pencils.  Note the range of color found in the hammer head.  Rather than just using black to create grays, Ashley has included a violet hue to add warmth, richness and luminosity.
Adam Sanchez has used a dominant color scheme of green and red with a subordinate color scheme of violet and yellow. Note with this drawing how he uses yellow to move the eye around the composition.  This drawing is in progress.
Jackie Kruzic's drawing, although unfinished, reveals a very smooth, layered and confident use of color.  The colors are rich and luminous.  Jackie too has used a very controlled and layered technique in her application of combining colors to achieve the desired color and value.  The key here is to"take your time."

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