Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/21 Self-Portraits

M/W class was dedicated to rendering self-portraits.  Class began with some "Mass" drawings.  If you recall from the beginning of the semester "Mass" drawings should emphasize a sense of weight and light by rendering the dark and light value patterns not details.  The rest of class time was for working on portraits.
Kate Picchi does an excellent job of capturing her "smirking" expression. The spiraling shapes in the negative space add a touch of depth and whimsy. Kate used pen and ink with a brush and wash sketch.
Megan Muller's drawing has focused on capturing the subtle value gradations and planar shifts across the volumes of her face.  Drawn with graphite and eraser.
Katie Bogner's drawing is tonally and texturally rich.  This was achieved by her use of additive and reductive drawing.  Katie's use of highlights not only emphasizes the bone structure of the face but adds depth and realism to her hair. Drawn with charcoal and eraser.
Justin Edwards has combined charcoal and pastel.  He too has established a strong sense of the underlying armature of the face with his use of highlights emphasizing bone structure.  In addition, his use of flesh tones and the blending of lights and darks is confidently rendered.

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