Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/30 Jungle Project Finish

Tuesday's class completed the "jungle" drawings.  Jonathan Florence's drawing is another great example of the assignment.  The composition is full and continuous touching all edges of the paper.  The value range is wide and varied.  Furthermore, the value patterns are well established.  The movement between the black shapes on the left side of the composition complement the black shape within the eye of the skull.  Notice too that the shapes are larger at the bottom of the composition and get smaller as they move towards the top.
Ashley Duncan's drawing is rich with patterns and textures.  The contrasting textures of the feathers, coral (background) and the kelp, driftwood and shells are all complementary to the "beach comber" theme.  The value range is generally more limited focusing on the high key values (1-5) suggesting a more cheerful tone.  Additionally, the diagonal and twisting forms create a very fluid and lively composition.

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