Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/22The Jungel (Light and Dark Rhythms)

Monday evening we began the "Jungle" drawings.  The objective of this project is to use value patterns and textures to create a sense of rhythm and movement throughout the composition.  The compositional arrangement should be one that is continuous, engaging with all sides of the paper. When laying out the composition, begin with a large form that covers half or most of the page.  Next address the corners by creating groupings and clusters of other forms.  The forms may repeat and change scale across the composition to direct to viewer's eye.  Sketch out the entire composition before applying any tonalities.  Be sure to engage with the edges, use overlapping, cropping and change of scale.  When you are ready to apply tonalities pay attention to the value patterns and design aspects of your composition.  In other words, follow the demands of your composition by being inventive and interpreting your subject rather than merely translating visual information.  The demo drawing above illustrates the "process" of developing the image and is therefore "unfinished".

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