Thursday, March 25, 2010

3/24 Jungle Project Cont.

Here are three drawings from Wednesday night.  This drawing by Megan Muller uses "positive/ negative" relationships very successfully in the background leaves.  The dark silhouettes add depth to the space while establishing a strong contrasting value for the objects in the foreground. Furthermore, the balance achieved by the asymmetrical placement of the sunflowers and their scale change establishes a strong focal point while complementing the depth established by the background forms.
This texturally rich drawing by John Teran is more symmetrical with its placement of the forms.  The establishment of foreground, middle ground and background is achieved by changing scale while using forms with contrasting textures. The mingling of the grass with the skull  joins foreground and middle ground pulling the "eye" into the composition. 
This stunning drawing by Justin Edwards makes great use of "design principles".  The centrally located skull holds the composition together while the triangulation of the abalone shells establishes dynamic angles.  The repetition of the thistles and melon shapes lead the "eye" in a criss-cross movement while the feathers draw the "eye" back in space.

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