Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/10 Eye Level Continued

Continued working on Bird's Eye View compositions with a few added directions to follow: 1.  choose three objects. 2. draw from above. 3. touch at least three edges of the paper. 4. employ cropping (allow objects to go off the edge) 5. render the categories of light. 6. activate the negative areas.
There's a terrible glare on this drawing but the composition is good. It has a wide range of values including cast shadows.  The objects are placed at opposing angles (dinosaur and envelop).  There is textural / surface quality to the table top.  At first glance it may appear to only engage two edges (bottom right) but the crack in the table touches the top dividing the table into two portions (three edges touched).  This drawing as well as those in class were drawn with graphite pencils.

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