Thursday, September 24, 2015

VALUE: Rendering Light

Last night the class made drawings addressing light patterns. The objective was to emphasize the light rather than the volume of the objects. Students employed one of two techniques: a single directional hatch or scribble gesture. Note: Somehow I only photographed the scribble technique but there are examples from previous semesters on this blog.
Drew Horton
Drew has a very animated approach to the scribble technique. The lines are tight and the values are high in contrast. Her style is fluid. The drawing appears to be a reflection in water of the still life setting on a bank.
Kendra Juul
Kendra's lines are scratchy and open. The drawing appears to be incised into the surface of the paper. She has very effectively used advancing and receding values to establish depth.
Molly Gallagher
Molly's tightly webbed lines create the appearance of a soft texture. The dark tops of the objects has the appearance that they are illuminated from below. The lighter, almost washed-out, negative areas makes the still life glow.

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