Thursday, September 3, 2015


Linear Perspective is the process of creating the illusion of depth. Class began with a discussion and demo on One-point and Two-point linear perspective and the importance of eye level. The main tenets of linear perspective is 1. it establishes the viewer's location 2. parallel lines will appear to converge meeting at vanishing points located on the horizon line (eye level) 3. Objects of approximate equal size will appear to get smaller as they recede away from the viewer. Armed with the knowledge of the distal cues and linear perspective, the class made "free-hand" drawings of blocks.
Adolfo Lugo
Adolfo has made a drawing that emphasizes the shape relationships of the objects and space. All of the planes have been boldly defined with contours and contrasting values.
Jonathan Branscum
Jonathan has complemented the forms and space with textural elements. By working reductively with the eraser, he has created the impression of the wood grain and pressure treated hatches. In addition, the space has been rendered with horizontal bands gradually lightening as they recede away from the viewer.
Karlo Pillula
Karlo has created a very dramatic image with bold, strong, contrasting values. The dark cloud in the background is animated and menacing reminiscent of a rapidly approaching dust storm  on a small desert town.
Ray Colby
Ray's drawing on warm brown paper has a very calming effect. This is in stark contrast to Karlo's drawing above. The lighting and values are soft and establish a pleasing design on the forms as well as in the cast shadows.

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