Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Ashley Garr
Last night began with a discussion on identifying the Ideal Solids within everyday objects. Notice in the drawing above that the bottle is composed of a cylinder, cone and cylinder. We also discussed "sighting" for correcting proportions.
Megan Svendsen
In the next series of drawings we addressed and emphasized the negative space around and between two bottles. Like the objects within a composition, the space may also be measured and corrected for accuracy. Remember from our class discussion, it often helps to draw enclosed negative shapes around an object instead of trying to draw the object directly.
Gavino Baccei
The final series of drawings were of vases, pitchers and teapots. Again the objective was to 1. identify the Ideal Solids and 2. correct the proportions using "sighting." Notice in Gavino's drawing how he first drew a cylinder before trying to render the bell shape of the teapot.

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