Saturday, February 22, 2014


Guendalina Codella
The Friday class was playing "catch-up" again to the M/W class due to the holiday. In the morning the still life consisted of two white objects - one curvilinear, one rectilinear. In the afternoon, the still life was of three objects - one dark, one medium, one light. In the drawing above, Guendalina has skillfully illustrated the three local values of each object. In addition, the categories of light have been fully rendered providing volume and a sense of light. Notice the accenting around the white object. The dark of the negative space is balanced by the core shadow moving to the accent at the base and then to the accent following the curve on the left. Furthermore, The proportions of the objects are well suited to that of the paper as well as to each other. The weight of the dark bottle and cream cup are equalized by the weight brought by the negative space in the background. All in all, a well balanced composition with rich, full values.

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