Thursday, February 6, 2014

COMPOSITION: Dividing the Picture Plane

Jane Collier
Last night students made drawings of tools and machined parts. The objective was to activate the negative areas with a single object. Jane's drawing above has divided the picture plane into a series of large and small triangles. The zig-zagging clippers cut across the paper skillfully engaging and balancing the negative areas against the positive.
Heather Monnot-Griffith
Heather's drawing of the hand-mixer thrusts into the upper right corner but swings back around to the handle and then the blades. Take special note of the additive and reductive mark-making within the gear and handle. This image is almost resolved in its unfinished state. In fact, it may be overdrawn and closer to resolution if more of the tool was omitted. The ol' "Less is More" concept. In other words, the theory of closure, which allows the viewer to complete the form in their imagination with a limited amount of information.

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