Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BUILDING A BETTER BOX: One and Two-Point Linear Perspective

Monday night's class began with a demonstration of One and Two-Point Linear Perspective. The principles of perspective are: 1. Establishes location of the viewer (i.e. above, below, left, right, etc.) 2. Parallel lines (diagonals) appear to converge, receding to a point (vanishing point) located on the horizon line (eye level) 3. Objects and their parts diminish in size as they recede 4. Objects become more parallel to the horizon line as they get closer to it (ex. tops of objects become narrower).

The low key value range exhibited in Riley's drawing above unifies the space while evoking an atmosphere of mystery and calm. The composition moves left to right slowly alternating with the angle of the blocks. The line and tonal technique are very complementary throughout the composition and he has even accented the closest corners with a white line (reductive) to emphasize the edge. The only awkward area is the top of tallest block which is leaning towards us placing it with a slightly higher "eye level" than the other blocks. This is easily remedied by adjusting the diagonals to be more parallel to the horizon line (or the top of the paper).

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