Thursday, October 4, 2012

WED. 10/3 Rendering Light

Mike Koonce

Alicia Orozco
After weeks of addressing value as a means to creating volume and three dimensionality, the M/W class addressed value emphasizing light. Students chose to work in one of two techniques. Mike's drawing at the top illustrates a single, directional hatch technique. Even though the straight, diagonal hatching contradicts the rounded volumes of many forms, the contrasting values and gradations exhibit very subtle volumes and depth of space. This asymmetrical composition employs a series of left to right diagonals beginning with the pyramid in the corner and ending with the "negative" triangle in the upper right corner.

Alicia's drawing illustrates the scribble technique. The swirling lines are alive with fluid rhythms and variation. This composition exhibits a right to left diagonal balancing a "negative" triangle in the upper left with the bell form in the lower right. Furthermore, this drawing exudes a strong sense of light with the gradation in the background complemented by contrasting cast shadows and accents.

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