Saturday, October 27, 2012

THURS. 10/25 Imaginary Space Project

Art 7B Alisha Ascencio

Janine Barthol
Art 7B Phoebe Kobabe
Here are three drawings from the T/Th class. Alisha's drawing at the top (still in progress) is a imaginatively, staged set with stairs, archways, fantastic lights and a long hallway reaching back into another space. It is this hallway that is of particular interest. Her drawing illustrates the possibilities of one-point (the hallway) and two-point (the room) perspectives enforcing the same space.
Janine's drawing exhibits a symmetrically balanced room that is almost wing-like in its design of ascending stairs, repeating archways and lastly triangles and diamonds.
Phoebe's drawing at the bottom illustrates the Ferry Building in S.F. Complete with values and  narrative.

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