Friday, October 5, 2012

THURS. 10/4 Rendering Light

Isabel Martinez

Victor Torres
Isabel's drawing above illustrates the scribble technique. Her clear rendering of gradations and value in general brings a strong sense of light to the composition while maintaining the subtleties of volume. Furthermore, her use of cropping has engaged the negative areas very well, specifically the upper left and right corners and the play of light and dark on the table top.
Victor has employed a diagonal, parallel hatch technique for his drawing. He has also chosen to create a vignette of the composition allowing the perimeter of the still life to fade into the negative space surrounding it. His drawing too has a rich, full range of marks and values. What is particularly appealing are the little variations and blemishes within larger areas of value. This keeps the tonalities more visually interesting and less trapped, more amorphous.

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