Wednesday, May 18, 2016

TEXTURE: Single Object

Amy Harris

Crysta Maguire

Gretta Collaso

Martin Little
Last Wednesday in preparation for the final project, the class made drawings of individual, textural objects using the drawing medium of their choice. The objective was to create an iconic composition, addressing texture as well as light and form. Amy and Crysta chose ink. Both drawings exhibit a very objective and illustrative description of their chosen forms. The line quality is well accented and the textures are present without being overstated.
Gretta chose charcoal. Both additive and reductive techniques were employed to capture the peaks and valleys of the driftwood. This medium and drawing method are particularly well suited to rendering the fluid nature of the form.
In contrast, Martin chose graphite to draw his piece of driftwood. His drawing has a very different presence than Gretta's. The contrasts in tonality and texture are crisp and clean. Each area is locked into its place and isolated rather than one flowing into the other.

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