Monday, May 9, 2016

PORTRAITS: Features and the Whole Face

Jim Paschal
 Friday morning began with a series of drawings addressing the individual features of the face. Jim's drawing above has skillfully identified light patterns around the eye. Notice how the eyeball is present behind the lower eyelid. The eyelid arches across the eyeball. In addition, he has clearly illustrated the top portion of the eyelid and the recessed edges of the eyeball.
Linda Fleming
 Linda's drawing of a mouth has illustrated the dark and light patterns beginning with the upper lip (dark), lower lip (light), shadow under lower lip (dark), etc. In addition she has captured the highlight over the upper lip and the dimples in the corners of the mouth.
Devon Ste. Marie-Rubin
 Devon's drawing of a nose illustrates the top, side and bottom planes. Notice how the ball of the nose is shaded similarly to the way values are applied to a sphere. Furthermore, this is a great study for the mouth as well. The curvature and projection of the mouth is particularly well rendered.
Apollonio Fontanilla
 In the afternoon, the class made full portrait studies of each other. Apo's drawing of Linda is very muted in tone yet is expressively powerful. This drawing is surprisingly textural.
Devon Ste. Marie-Rubin
Devon has drawn a very striking image of Lyric with a strong gaze and exaggerated volumes. The features and structure of the head are bold and strong. The mark-making is rich and varied with smeared, textured and reductive applications.

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