Tuesday, April 12, 2016

INK: Tondo Compositions and Subjective/ Space

Jim Paschal

Sabin Thapa
Friday morning began with ink drawings applied to a tondo composition. Jim's drawing above exhibits a strong, crisp light rendered with hatching and cross-hatching. Sabin's drawing, below it, is a very focused and zoomed-in composition. The negative areas are especially participatory in the arrangement. Again the drawing illustrates hatching techniques with a full range of values. Notice the repetition of the half moon or quarter round shapes throughout.
Apollonio Fontanilla

Lyric Croxford
In the afternoon, the class drew from a large still life arrangement. Apo's drawing (top) is rendered in  cartoonish contours with organic, wavy hatches addressing the wrinkles and surface variations of the objects. Lyric's drawing (bottom) is an illustrative and objective approach to addressing the light patterns and various textures. The side view of the still life allowed for a deeper rendering of the space and the ability to apply atmospheric perspective.

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