Monday, April 18, 2016

COLOR: Still life, Dice and Balls

Apollonio Fontanilla

Devon Ste. Marie-Rubin

Lyric Croxford
Friday morning began with a discussion on Color Schemes and a still life consisting of colored dice and balls. In the afternoon, students made their own still life arrangements or drew from bones. Apo's drawing (top) exhibits a primarily complementary color scheme. He has embellished and manipulated the three objects giving them life by animating and exaggerating their forms.
Devon has very skillfully rendered a skull employing temperature changes with the colors. The skull is very warm with the yellow and white hues. The interior of the skull radiates heat with a fiery red glow.
Lyrics drawing (bottom) is very surreal and dreamy. The colors are muted and the light is soft, appearing moonlit. She has balanced the composition by dividing the space into groups. The placement of the eyeballs establishes a triangular movement.

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