Thursday, October 1, 2015


Ashley Garr
 Ashley has created a very well balanced composition engaging with all four sides of the paper (the shadow is cropped on the bottom right). The objects are rendered with volume and texture. The light and mood of the image is quiet and somber. In addition, great attention has been given to all of the negative areas.
Megan Svendsen
 Megan's drawing is a bit noisier in comparison to Ashley's. The space is alive and stormy. Again, this is attributed to the layered mark-making. The values are rich and the forms are dimensional. But the real attraction of the drawing is her rendering of the negative spaces in between the objects and the background.
Michelle Brazis
 Michelle too has managed to activate all four sides of the composition. Her cropping of the still life has created a series of diagonal relationships between objects of similar value. Notice in particular the triangulation of the white objects.
Molly Gallagher
Molly has not only engaged all four sides of the composition but she has also combined the application of the materials effectively. First, the base values of all the objects is established and then the pencil is used to address texture and the cross-contours of the forms.

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