Tuesday, October 27, 2015

INK: Wash Drawing

Megan Svendsen

Ray Colby
Last night the class began working with wash. When new to this technique it is best to choose a subject with clearly defined planes, like blocks, boxes, paper bags, etc. The approach is simple. 1. Mix a solution of ink and water for the lightest gray tone (mixing ink is like all other mediums, "dark into light", in other words it is preferable to add ink to water, not the other way around). Apply this wash to the entire surface except the areas you wish to be white. Allow to dry (a hair dryer will speed things up.) 2. Using the same wash or with a bit more ink added, apply the next wash to everything except what is to remain white and the first gray. 3. Continue layering washes until you reach the desired tonalities. Note: It is important to allow the washes to dry completely between layers for the utmost clarity and definition of tone.

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