Thursday, August 20, 2015


Last night the class made drawings of the five Ideal Solids. We explored the various applications of the charcoal medium and erasers for creating light and form as well as a sense of texture. Click on the menu tab above for more info on these standard, geometric forms.
Bret Hardesty
 Bret has created an ambiguous cube by joining one of the planes on both. The shared plane is simultaneously addressing the top of one as well as the bottom of the other. The patches of tone in the negative areas helps balance the dark values on the cube as well as suggesting a sense of atmosphere and depth.
Drew Horton
 Drew has skillfully rendered the volumes of a cylinder with even gradations addressing the categories of light. (Click the menu tab above for more info on the categories of light). The strong contrasting values are complementary to the dark environment of the negative space.
Gavino Baccei
 Gavino's drawing illustrates a more subjective approach to rendering the categories of light and texture.  The dark, wavy edge of the shadow is reminiscent of an alligator's mouth which is further enhanced by the reptilian texture.
Kendra Juul
Kendra's drawing exhibits a soft and ethereal quality. The light application of tonalities and the absence of a cast shadow allows the form to float as if the viewer is in a dreamy, trance-like state.

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