Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DISTAL CUES: Composing with the Ideal Solids

Alondra Maravilla

Ashley Garr
Last night we continued working with the Ideal Solids and arranging them within a composition. First we discussed the Distal Cues (see tab above for more info) as well as "cropping" and engaging the negative areas and the edge of the composition by touching 2 to 3 sides of the paper. Alonda's drawing at the top, touches two sides. The objects are well placed and balanced across the composition. Her light source is consistent and the objects are proportional exhibiting a sense of volume and weight.
 The objects of Ashley's drawing are also well proportioned and placed well on the paper. In addition, she has very effectively used value for volume, light and texture. A very powerful and dramatic image.

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