Saturday, January 24, 2015

LINE: Contour vs. Gesture

Yesterday morning began with a discussion on Contour Line drawing followed by a series of studies in contour.
Giana Lawson

Javier Contreras
The two examples above illustrate strong, bold and confident contours. Notice how lines advance and recede depending on their location and value (darks advance, lights recede).
The afternoon session was dedicated to the Gesture drawing techniques. We began with cross-contour studies followed by continuous line drawings. You's drawing below again illustrates the importance of "accenting" the line with dark and light variations as well as thick and thin areas to enhance the sense of volume.
You Nara
We ended class with a series of bone studies drawn in the technique that best suited the requirements of the subject. Both students below chose to use the Mass drawing technique. The antler's exhibit a strong attention to the light and dark patterns as well as strong experimentation with the materials. Eduardo's drawing also illustrates an acute observation of the value patterns. In addition both drawings have effectively used cast shadows to create weight/ gravity and a sense of space or environment.
Celindrea Debuck

Eduardo Gonzales

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