Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last night the class made drawings of the Ideal Solids (standard geometric forms found in many man made objects and some from nature). We also addressed the categories of light to add volume to the forms. The last drawings of the evening explored the tonal and textural applications of the charcoal and erasers through additive as well as reductive drawing techniques.
Techi Brant
 Techi's drawings both exhibit a strong use of linear as well as tonal applications. She has also worked with the eraser to reduce the tones and create white marks. Notice her attention to the cross-contours in the direction of her marks most evident in the cone.
Amy Macinnis
 Amy's drawing illustrates a more realistic approach in the absence of dark contour lines. Instead the planes (or sides)  of the cube are defined by using white lines as highlights or juxtaposing a dark value against a lighter value.
John Burgess
John's cylinder exhibits strong textural qualities as well as addressing the categories of light. Again attention is given to the cross-contours by curving the tonal sweeps around the form.

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