Thursday, April 3, 2014

COLOR PENCILS: Dice and Balls

Jay Odenthal

Leah Lehr
Last night students began working with color pencils. Before drawing we briefly discussed color schemes and the properties of color and working with color pencils in particular as opposed to paint. The drawings above illustrate two different approaches.
Jay, at the top, has taken a more layered and expressive method of applying color. Notice how subtle accents of red in the yellow and blues and reds in the violet help to unify the composition by relating to each other and the background as well.
Leah's drawing is more tonal and objective in her rendering. She ,as well, has balanced the colors unifying the space and objects. Her rendering with soft contours accented in white rather than black has captured the soft, foam composition of the dice. In addition, both drawings have used the black of the paper well, drawing around the cast shadows and darker tonalities. 

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