Thursday, September 26, 2013

VALUE: Rendering Light

Brandon O'rourke
Artist's may make work that emphasizes light patterns or volume. When working with a technique that is uncomplementary to the planar structure of an object (ex. straight cross-contours on a round form), the light is emphasized over volume. Placement of tonalities is determined by the planes of an object so you can't have light without volume but you can place emphasis on one over the other.
Last night students made drawing emphasizing Light. Brandon's drawing above illustrates a single, parallel hatch technique. Notice how he has juxtaposed a dark, receding background against lighter, advancing objects. The dark background also balances the darks of the cast shadows. Although the objects reveal subtle volumes, the single hatch technique is more complementary to the light patterns than it is to volume because of the straightness of the line against a curvilinear form.

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