Saturday, September 14, 2013


Friday morning began with some gesture warm-ups. Miranda's drawing above demonstrates the Scribble technique. Notice how she has rendered mass as well as a sense of light and place by including a cast shadow and a few strategically placed marks suggesting a ground plane.
From there we moved on to Proportions. Starting with one object and evolving to an arrangement of three objects. The important thing about proportions is "believability." They don't have to be perfect but they shouldn't be so off to draw attention. Notice in Allison's drawing the importance of all the lines. Every line either identifies a volume, a shift in planes or aids in the organizing and comparing of the forms. Another important aspect of proportions is that all the forms should be unified. In other words, appear to be from the same world. If the forms are distorted and "wonky" then everything should be.
We ended the day with a discussion on One and Two-Point Linear Perspective. Caleigh's drawing illustrates a "bird's-eye" view of the still life.  In addition, the strong contrast in the shadows anchors the objects and pops them out while adding balance to the overall composition. Like proportions, the perspective needn't be perfect but it should be consistent. All the objects should conform to one "eye-level" and diminish and recede proportionally.

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