Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday 3/29 India Ink

The Friday class started drawing with India Ink yesterday. Class began with an introduction to the techniques of creating values and textures followed by a game of "The Exquisite Corpse." Above are two examples of the characters spawned from the game.

After the lunch break, students made drawings of a small still-life arrangement consisting of a rock, a lemon and a little house-like form. Mike's drawing a the top illustrates wash techniques that we will explore as a class next week. The placement of the rock gives the effect of a distant mountain top homestead.
Katherine's drawing illustrates a varied range of mark-making with controlled gradations and a strong sense of light. Notice how she alternates between dark and light values criss-crossing the composition establishing a rhythm.
Chris's drawing is very poetic recalling stories of a New England sea-port fishing village. Note how his rendering of the lemon maintains a consistent directional hatching technique addressing the categories of light.

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