Friday, October 21, 2011


Cullen Houser

Abigail Sanchez

Oscar Mendoza
For the midterm drawing, students had to address the concepts covered to date: composition, line quality, value and proportions. Here are three examples of the many excellent drawings.
With his use of line and tone, Cullen has beautifully captured the light and shadow patterns as well as the fragility of the broken ceramics. Also take note of the balance between positive and negative areas.
Abigail has taken a beautifully minimal approach to the still life.  Note her use of value patterns in the shadows to establish rhythm. The key to the success of her vignetted composition lies within the centered placement with plenty of negative area allowing the eye to breath and encircle the still life.
Oscar's drawing also has a strong sense of design and rhythm.  Note the similarity in the wavy pattern on the mug (left) and the reflections in the lid (right). The criss-crossing triangles on the paper perfectly contrast the curvilinear nature of the ceramic forms.

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